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Important Issues For Consideration in Recycling

This introduces issues relating to electronic recycling initiatives and gives general information required for starting such an initiative. It discusses the growth of the electronic market, the challenges and opportunities associated with reuse and recycling, and the international regulatory framework. In addition, it furnishes arguments for the creation of recycling companies and describes the value chain of a electronic recycling business.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) continues to bring new opportunities to individuals and communities which are able to harness the potential of such technology as an empowering and life enhancing tool.One opportunity associated with ICT is the potential for local entrepreneurs to develop businesses for the refurbishment and recycling of used ICT equipment.

This guide is intended to provide local entrepreneurs with a blueprint for the establishment of a business capable of receiving used PCs and related equipment. It will also provide guidance on how to manage such equipment in a profitable and environmentally sound manner, while ensuring worker health and safety.