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Brand, Chip Speed and Age

The entrepreneur can get an idea of the value of his supplies by assessing their potential longevity. With the brand name, the processor speed and the age of the equipment, he can make a good estimation of its condition and its potential to be reused. Indeed, each brand uses different components with different life spans, and some of these components are more appropriate for prolonged use than others.

Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase unbranded computers, which have been assembled by computers retailers, because they are generally less reliable in the long term.

Another strong indicator of longevity is a computer chip’s clock speed:the greater the speed, the younger the chip, and, as a consequence, the greater the lifespan: the computer in which it is installed will last longer.This indicator, which often coincides with the age of the equipment, enables its potential for refurbishment and the probability to find spare parts to be estimated. In practice, before purchasing computers over five years old, the entrepreneur must think about their possible use (thin client,etc.), about the feasibility of their refurbishment and about the market on which they could be resold.