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Business and Administrative Staff

Business and Administrative Staff


As the executive director, the entrepreneur is the main manager of the enterprise. He guarantees the smooth running of the company and is responsible for its development and global strategy. He will have to prepare the business plan, define the positioning on the market, create partnerships and represent the enterprise. Therefore, he must be specially versatile and master all management techniques extremely well, as well as the technical aspects of his job. The entrepreneur will greatly benefit from being assisted by a business manager and a supply manager to ensure the expansion of his activity.

Business manager

The business manager is in charge of organizing sales and exploring the market in search of new clients. At first, the business manager may be responsible for all the commercial aspects. But later, as the company gets more and more clients, the entrepreneur may consider employing more business managers, each of them in charge of a particular area or a certain client type.

Supply manager

As the name suggests, the supply manager’s job is to manage supplies and stocks. He is in charge of prospecting to identify new sources of equipment. He is also responsible for taking delivery of the equipment and for ensuring its proper storage.The supply manager plays a strategic role, since he has to assess the value of equipment purchased, and to determine the quality and the type of equipment to buy, in order to make sure that the activity can run continuously. He can also be in charge of planning collection rounds in the most efficient and time saving possible manner.

Other administrative jobs

To enhance the performance of the activity, the entrepreneur may consider creating other jobs. For instance, a secretary can be put in charge of a number of administrative tasks, such as document writing, mail management or the classification of records. Such a job requires method and organizational skills.

To improve communication, the entrepreneur may call on a marketing and public relations officer who organizes marketing campaigns and works to improve the corporate image. And finally, as the activity grows, an accountant will become required to manage the company finances.