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Business in Computer Recycling

Local business interested in computer recycling and reuse can play an important role in local and national authorities’ efforts to manage used and end-of-use PCs and related equipment in an environmentally sound manner. These businesses may protect against possible leaching of harmful materials and prevent unsafe practices common to the informal market. Businesses that repair, refurbish and upgrade PCs and related equipment for reuse provide the market with good products at affordable prices, thus bridging the digital divide. Finally, businesses can take advantage of valuable raw materials contained in PCs by extracting them in an environmentally sound manner, or if not possible, by selling certain materials to facilities that can do so properly. Governments can regulate formal businesses better under this process and ensure that movements of waste are properly monitored and controlled.

As local communities continue to access technology, more recyclable material will become available locally. Opportunities exist, and will grow over time, for local businesses to take advantage of the value contained in used and end-of-use PCs and related equipment. This guide provides a suggested blueprint for creating such a business, and for doing so in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner in conformity with national and international laws and regulations.