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Courtyard to Carry out Loading and unloading

The recycling site should have a courtyard to carry out loading and unloading operations, park vehicles and store equipment temporarily (when the appropriate precautions are taken). The courtyard is also the area in which equipment is sorted, before being sent to the storage room.

Example for fitting out a Recycling area see Picture.The parking area should be able to accommodate a small delivery van or a pickup, a convenient access to the collection truck must be arranged and a sufficient area for the unloading operations must be cleared.

The courtyard must be properly maintained and should not draw the neighbourhood’s attention to any unattended equipment. This area should be swept daily to remove nails, glass splinters and other debris that can damage vehicle tires. Waterproofing surfaces is recommended for two reasons: it helps the collection of rainwater and prevents the infiltration of polluting substances in case of leakage. If the recycling site has several courtyards, each of them should be equipped with an independent water disposal system; so that pollution risks could be limited by the closing of gates.This courtyard should be secured with wire fencing.