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A reliable mains electrical supply is essential to the operation of a refurbishment workshop. Without a reliable source of power, it is impossible to use a test bed. Therefore, priority in operating expenses must be given to the security of the power supply. Workshops must be equipped with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), more commonly called inverters.This device provides a stable power supply to electronic or electric components. The minimum requirement for an inverter is 650mVa. In most extreme cases, the recycling site should resort to the installation of its own generator.

The power cables coming from the electric meter must be of sufficient size to support the total power of the workstations in test (power of the central processing unit + power of the monitor) which are connected simultaneously to the cable. There should be an upstream cutout or a circuit breaker for each power cable in the electric meter. To ensure the safety of individuals, it is preferable to have ground fault circuit interrupters. Each test bed should be equipped with a 10 to 15 amp fuse. A professional workshop must have electrical emergency stop buttons at every workstation.