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Enterprises and Administrations

Corporate clients: enterprises and administrations

When they replace their computers, some enterprises and administrations rely on small businesses to rid them of used equipment and take care of the recycling. The choice of this service provider is often made through competitive bidding. The entrepreneur will therefore have to prospect and make his company known if he wants to be chosen directly by these enterprises. The dispatching of equipment towards the recycling centre is often paid for by the recycling company, but in some cases transportation may be provided or paid for by the owner of the equipment.

Non Profit Organizations

Several international non-profit agencies (local authorities, international non-governmental organizations, etc.) from Europe and the United States focus on providing used computers and other ICT equipment to computer recycling centres. In some cases, the computers gathered are loaded and shipped overseas without being refurbished. These exports are illegal if they do not respect national and international regulations. The majority of computers donated to these agencies come from corporations who renewed their ICT infrastructure and got rid of old computers. The entrepreneur may try to form a partnership with these organizations to get access to new sources. However, he would have to pay particular attention to the quality of these supplies, which may turn out not to be profitable enough or hard to put back on the market if they are not chosen carefully.

Assessment of inflows

Before collecting equipment, the entrepreneur must estimate the operation’s profitability, the potential of equipment fit to be reclaimed and, above all, the cost of processing, which may vary greatly from one inflow to the other. Therefore, the entrepreneur must have several criteria and methods to distinguish between good and bad supplies and to know how much the refurbishment operation is going to cost.