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Homogeneity of Inflows

Homogeneity of Inflows

One of the most important criteria to consider before choosing a source of supply is the homogeneity of the equipment provided by that source. Indeed, in the long term, it is more profitable to process homogeneous batches of equipment than to maintain and repair computers of different configurations and brands.

A supply of homogeneous equipment offers several advantages. First,large volumes of identical computers reduce the time needed by a refurbishment technician to reconfigure each machine, i.e. download drivers and BIOS updates. Then, the possibility to exchange parts between computers extends the global potential of the supply, since technicians can extract working parts from unusable machines, and build one working computer out of two or three unusable ones. 

Moreover, clients may prefer a uniform set of equipment which can be used as a thin client in a network architecture. However, batches of identical equipment are likely to be overvalued.