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How to Determine the Quality of a Diamond

How to determine the quality of a diamond :

1. Test the diamond with a good diamond tester.

2. Make sure the diamond is not a synthetic such as Cubic Zirconium or Moissanite. A state of the art diamond tester will perform these tests with good results.

3. Once you have determined that the stone is a real diamond, then measure the stone diameter or width and length, depending upon the cut. You will need a diamond measuring device or a good pair of calipers that measure in metric.

4. Once you have determined the type of diamond, style of the cut and then you need to analyze the clarity, cut, and color.

5. Remember that diamonds are evaluated by the four (4) C’s, Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. Each of these components has many different scales, such as color have approximately 26 different values and etc.

6. Like I said earlier, there are many many different components to evaluating a diamond. The most common categories are as follows: