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Methods to Control the Quality of Supply

When seeking sources of used computer equipment, the enterprise must first look for the most accessible ones and must implement assessment methods to control the quality of supply. A manager must cultivate relationships with suppliers and also acquire a good knowledge of the market,to properly evaluate the value of supply.

Origins of inflows

When creating the enterprise, the entrepreneur should, as a priority, look for local sources of computer equipment and establish partnerships with local institutions (municipalities, local enterprises, etc.). Later, the enterprise may find sources on wider national or international markets.Collection requires prior arrangements with local authorities and the retail sector and needs to be incorporated into the overall waste management of the region.

Local supply

To get local supply, the entrepreneur may encourage the neighborhood inhabitants to leave their used equipment at the recycling centre. If the company has a sales area, it may offer to return used equipment from customers when they are buying newly refurbished equipment. Household waste is generally managed by local authorities. The entrepreneur should get in touch with them to see if he could get equipment through them, or if they can spread information about the recycling centre.