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The Storage Area

The recycling centre must have a storage room for materials in transit, waiting to be treated, sold or dispatched to another industry. To face the irregularity of supplies, the organization of the storage room should be easy to modify.The storage room also enables the enterprise to keep running even when equipment supplies are low. The storage area is generally the biggest, and should be at least three times as big as the dismantling and sorting area.This part will be equipped with shelves, racks and areas of weighing with a scale of 1 to 500 kg. If the storage space exceeds 250 m3, a fork-lift may be needed.

It is recommended that a classification system be defined (using numbered sections) to make the handling and locating of material easier. Depending on the reclaiming industries existing in the area, it is also possible to use a shredder or a compactor in order to reduce the quantity of plastics and to put them into bundles. In this case, an appropriate solution must be considered for the treatment of waste.