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Team Management

Team Management

Welcoming new employees

Each new employee must be able to benefit from a structured orientation programme. This programme consists of a presentation of the team and a basic description of the employee’s future missions. The entrepreneur may also welcome the employee to discuss targets and schedules. Once the new employee is working, he may be given a manual to help him understand and perform his tasks. Such a manual may consist of a description of the assigned tasks, some tips to perform them and a description of the tools to be used.


To improve the competence of new employees, the enterprise may set up a training programme. The first aim of this programme is to enable,and encourage, the sharing of experience, through demonstrations and exercises involving both newcomers and more experienced employees.This programme must also define a progression plan for the new employee to follow. It will help him to estimate his level and his evolution. For example, this plan can at first appoint the employee to simple cleaning tasks, then to testing operations, and finally to computer refurbishment operations.

Dealing with occupational hygiene and safety

Employees must be informed of the occupational hygiene and safety issues relating to transportation, handling of materials and equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), and exposure to pollutants. The enterprise is responsible for both occupational hygiene and safety. It is also responsible for emergency preparedness.

Motivating the team

To motivate the team and improve productivity, the entrepreneur may resort to the attribution of realistic work objectives and to the posting of results. The enterprise can post the quantities of equipment treated and to be treated weekly, monthly or quarterly.