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The Metals are Found in Many Electronic Components

In general, electronic scrap is composed of plastics (~30%), refractory oxides (~30%), and metals (~40%).

The metals are found in many electronic components such as edge connectors, integrated circuits, and transistors with the following compositions: Au 0.1%, Ag 0.2%, Pd 0.005%, Cu 20%, Ni 2%, Sn 4%, and Pb 2%. The physical forms of these precious metals maybe plated gold or palladium on copper laminate and plated gold or silver on nickel or iron. Thus, the main economic driving force for the recycling of electronic scrap is the recovery of precious metals, particularly gold.

However, environmental considerations are also important in electronic scrap recycling. The disposal of obsolete electronic equipment is a problem of considerable magnitude. Additionally, the waste solution and other scrap from manufacturing plants should be rendered harmless before they are discharged into the environment.