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Pricing Refining Services

First off, do you really know how to refine? Can you produce gold of acceptable quality? If not, accepting his material can prove to be a fatal mistake. One of my best advertisers was a friend that was slip shod in his refining techniques, and refused to change. As he supplied low quality gold to his customers, who he had pursed with vigor, they slowly quit using his services, at which time he'd give them my name. I ended up with his entire customer base because he was inept. Please keep that in mind. You must be able to walk before you can run. OK--my sermon is over----I hope it served a purpose. I charged 10% for refining bench sweeps and solids unless the yield exceeded 10 troy ounces,at which time I made an adjustment, and did the work for 8%. It is a fair fee, but there were no other hidden charges, and I DID NOT steal customer values. That's the other big mistake refiners like to make. My fee was in the way of withholding the metal. I did not accept cash payment. That insures you get paid. I refined polishing wastes and floor sweeps for a 15% fee. You earn the money on this stuff, it's labor intensive. Carpet fee was 50%----and it can be a losing proposition at that price. All depends on the carpet.