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x24kgold.com features a team of talented writers with a variety of background.

He is the editor and chief of x24kgold.com. He has experience as a writer and online publishing. He is a graduate of the University with a bachelors degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Focus write and publish about e-recycling.
Email : arie[at]x24kgold.com

Neil Meader
Neil Meader is our lead about theme Gold Mining. We call him the best GOLD Mining Writer.
Email : Neilmeadex[at]x24kgold.com 

Sónia Alexandra,Correia ,and David Thomas 
Three writer name for focus theme about Gold Catalysis and Gold Application. Them very experinces to share knowledge.
Email : sonia[at]x24kgold.com,  correia[at]x24kgold.com, david[at]x24kgold.com

Roger Edgar
This writer concern write about Gold Market and Price.
Email : roger[at]x24kgold.com

Martin G. Blaber, Mike J. Ford, and Michael B. Cortie
Writer about The Physics and Optical Properties of Gold.This theme very interesting after them write.
Email : martin[at]x24kgold.com, mike[at]x24kgold.com, cortie[at]x24kgold.com   

This a chemical man on this site.He's very experices about chemical formula for used refining gold.
Email : j.steve[at]x24kgold.com

Ulric Schawkle
Specialized write about Mining. He's the best writer and have more experince in Mining Business.
Email : Ulric[at]x24kgold.com