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Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Bitcoin mining hardware so how to build the best bitcoin hardware.Below are some our calculate about the mining performance of some hardware used in a mining rig.The list below are shows stock clock numbers. 10-20% performance improvement can be achieved with GPU overclocking tools for bitcoin mining hardware.

A.For Graphics Cards used:

1.The most Popular Mining Card:

Type: Price: Av:
5770 $136 Moderate
5830 $129.99 Moderate
5850 $161 Limited
5870 $350 Limited
5970 $730 V. Limited
6750 $116 Easy
6770 $137 Easy
6850 $160 Easy
6870 $190 Easy
6950 $250 Easy
6970 $350 Easy

2.ATI (AMD) Card : 4350, 4350, 4570M ..etc

3.NVIDIA Card : 8200 mGPU, 8400 GS, 8600M GT,...etc

B.CPUs/APUs used:

5.FPGA Devices


-Mhash/s = millions hashes per second (raw speed performance ; may not be very energy efficient with some models)

-Mhash/J = millions hashes per joule (energy efficiency ; 1 joule of energy is spent for 1 watt in 1 second)

-W = watt (maximum power consumption, i.e. energy per unit of time : 1 W = 1 J/s)

-Clock (in MHz) refers to the Shader clock only with nVidia cards (not Core or Memory). With AMD card the shader clock is not separate, but is part of the GPU clock.

-SP = Stream processors (Shader Units)

All list is RECOMENDED for bitcoin mining hardware.