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Largest Coal Mines in Southeast Asia

Largest coal mines in southeast asia in Indonesian Borneo. Coal company that controls the area borneo is Adaro Energy's. Adaro Energy's is the number one coal company in Southest Asia.

For the 12 month tp December 2010, Adaro Energy's stock rose more than 50%,giving it a market capitalization of 9.36549 Billion US Dollar, the largest of any coal company listed on the Indonesia stock exchange. Today Adaro Energy's is the number one coal company in Southeast Asia.

The company's branded Envirocoal is tailor-made for today's green movement. Coal from other major producers,such as Australia and China,is dirtier and more poluting than Indonesian coal. Thus, some customers burn Adaro's coal,or use it in a blend,to reduce their emmisions.

Indonesia,facing a major shortfall in power production,is also on a major drive to build new power plants,many of them coal-fired. All told,new coal fired power plants of 579 gigawatts are expected to re built in the next 20 years in Asia,particularly in China,India,Indonesia and Vietnam. Combined,these plants will require an additional 1,7 billion tonnes of output from today's levels.

Cutting pollution,having a safe workplace and practicing corporate social responsibility-these could all be seen as variation on the theme of good "Ngewong ke Wong"(Javanese expression meaning treat people like people.