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What is Urban Mining?

What is Urban Mining?Urban Mining so people call it, is a business recycling precious metals like gold and silver from electronic waste/E-waste. And gold and silver results obtained so amazing, kilograms of gold and silver produced from electronic waste such as computers, cellular phones, SIM Card .. Etc.In Japan, an electronic waste recycling business is conducted by Eco-System.Co produce gold bars weighing 199.58 - 299.37 KG per month with a value of money earned between U.S. $ 5.9 million - U.S. $ 8.8 Million Dollars. This amount is certainly not with precious metal silver is also produced.

Electronic Recycling is equivalent to Urban Mining at a low cost. E-waste contains a large amount of rare and increasingly difficult to replace Metals: Platinum,Gold,Silver,Gallium,Indium,Palladium. Aside from repurposing rare materials, there is the embedded energy content to consider. In the face of rising energy prices legislators understand we cannot continue to throw our electronic waste stream away which contains a toxic substance and high energy value.

"Urban mining goes way beyond electronics," he said. "It's everything that goes into a landfill that can be taken out."