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Application of Palladium

Palladium is mainly used in catalíticos.También converters used in jewelry, dentistry, watchmaking, in strips to check the levels of sugar in the blood, the candles in the aircraft and the production of surgical instruments and eléctricos.El contacts Palladium is also used to make flutes profesionales.Como in commodities precious metals, palladium is encoded as ISO 4217 international standard and XPD 964. Palladium is one of the four metals that have codes in the standard, others are gold, silver and platinum.
When finely divided palladium is a catalyst for accelerating versatile ways hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions, as well as in petroleum cracking. A large number of carbon-carbon bond forming reactions in organic chemistry (such as Heck and Suzuki coupling) are facilitated by catalysis with palladium compounds. In addition to palladium, when dispersed on conductive materials, is an excellent electrocatalyst for the oxidation of primary alcohols in media alcalinos.24
It is also a versatile metal homogeneous catalysis. Used in combination with a wide variety of ligands for highly selective chemical transformations. A 2008 study showed that palladium is an effective catalyst for the formation of carbon-fluorine.
The second application palladium in electronics is in the ceramic capacitor multi capas.El palladium and its alloys with silver are used as electrodes in capacitors, multilayer ceramic.It is also used in the coating of electronic components (often alloyed with nickel) and welding materials. The consumption of palladium in the electronics sector is of 1,070,000 ounces (33.2 metric tons) in 2006, according to a report by Johnson Matthey.
Hydrogen diffuses through heated palladium easily, so it provides a means of purifying the gas. It is part of the palladium-hydrogen electrode in electrochemical studies, palladium chloride (II) can absorb large amounts of carbon monoxide, and is used in the gas detectors.
Hydrogen Storage
The palladium hydride is a metallic compound containing a substantial amount of hydrogen within its crystal lattice. At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, palladium can absorb up to 900 times its own volume of hydrogen in a reversible process. This property has been investigated, and a better understanding of what happens at the molecular level may provide clues to designing improved metal hydrides.
Often used with the platinum printing black and white photos, palladium provides an alternative to silver.
Palladium is one of several alternatives to silver, which is used in manuscript illumination. The use of silver leaf is problematic because it tarnishes quickly. Palladium is an adequate substitute because of its resistance to stains. The aluminum foil is a cheaper alternative, but aluminum is much harder to work with than gold or silver and the results are less suited to the use of traditional techniques of metal, so that the sheet of palladium is considered best substitute despite its considerable cost. The platinum foil can be used for the same effect as the blade of palladium with similar working properties but is not commercially available for high demand of the leaf.
Jewelry Buckle palladium.
Palladium is used as a precious metal in jewelry since 1939, as an alternative to platinum or white gold. This is because their natural whiteness properties without giving any need for rhodium. It is slightly whiter, much lighter and 12% harder than platinum. Like gold, palladium can not be beaten in a thin sheet as thin as 100 nm (1 / 250, 000 in).