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Banro Corp Report from Twangiza

Processing Loading & Hauling Crushing & Conveying Drilling & Blasting Banro Corp has announced that the structure of its altogether-owned Twangiza Step 1 nugget enterprise in South Kivu Field, DRC, is affair on list along nugget output prospective to originate in the December coin of this year. 'Freezing commissioning' - a ordeal score of juices per the mineral processing perennial - has instantly commenced beside perfunctory commissioning that resolution wend to 'heavenly commissioning' - a try rush of filthy rank mineral information around the cultivate - by mid-September. Simon Home, Banro’s CEO commented: "We are prompt approaching a momentous plateau for both Banro moreover South Kivu area in the DRC. Whereas Banro's Lodge made the opinion to emanate beside progress of Twangiza in 2009, we possess worked diligently to a promiscuous agenda which has allowed our troupe to gush its leading nugget in couple years, further accompanying weeks to go, we linger on inventory. “This occasion choose also siren a tremendous feat for the South Kivu field as it determination be the introductory unfamiliar mercenary nugget explosive in the DRC for beyond part a age - plus a will to the co-agency beside the neighborhood, rule also commerce which was integral for this enterprise." Activation of the 1.3Mt/y nugget output skill emulates 24 months of tough deadlines which contain been systematically achieved starting among the perennial point besides structure shelter secular excavation processs that were completed pair months forward of card. The annual talent is planned to be increased to 1.7Mt/y by mid-2012. Cultivate respectful structure processs are almost finish during the structural, perfunctory, electrical, instrumentation furthermore piping are circa 93% end. The diesel-powered Aggreko weight cultivate along a map endowment of 7MW is 90% unabridged moreover a informant of inexperienced moisture for the processing annual has been secured.