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Gold and Copper Mine in Indonesia

Strike ends at major gold and copper mine in Indonesia,Timika .- The workers of the mining company Freeport-McMoRan in Indonesia, one of the world's largest deposits of copper, will end a strike a week after the company and union reached an agreement. Freeport Indonesia reported that the workers return to their jobs Tuesday at the Grasberg mine, located in a remote mountainous area, and not continue the strike for another week as planned. The company also said it will begin to negotiate with the union on their wage demands. "An agreement was reached with the union to end the strike, which began on July 4 and caused the suspension of mining and extraction," said Freeport Indonesia spokesman, Ramdani Sirait said in a statement. This makes it "less likely" that the U.S. mining company declared force majeure on shipments of concentrates, after production was halted a week at the mine with the largest recoverable reserves of copper, a source of Freeport. Freeport agreed not to punish the leaders of the protest and give the workers their regular salary during the stoppage, which began last Monday. In return, the union agreed to revoke a letter it would extend the strike to July 18, it said. "It is agreed that employees return to his duties on July 12," the document. Both sides have yet to start wage negotiations. The union push to double the salaries of workers, who receive $ 1.50 per hour, the leaders say Freeport employees in other countries are 10 times that salary.