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Palladium Weißgold

Palladium weißgold or palladium white gold is a trends on german today.What is very important to us and we absolutely want to be the first to point out is that there is no "natural" white gold. The yellow color of gold is changed by the addition of other metals. The higher e.g. the copper content, the more intense is the red gold. That's how the different colors of gold. 

Now you can also imagine, that of yellow gold can never create a true white gold. For the production of white gold are the white gold of different metals, such as Silver, palladium, manganese, nickel, etc. added. These metals beyond the gold color and the color is more or less one knows.So there are different white gold tones, as this depends on the composition of metals. Silver e.g. While making the white light, but goes on to yellow. Particular care should be taken that no nickel is used as filler metal, because there are still vendors is that comply with the limits of EU rules, are allowed to sell their wedding rings as a nickel-free, but use unfortunately a small percentage of nickel (cost reasons) . 

White gold or Palladium or Palladium weißgold? 

This is a question we are with our choice of rings. According to White gold jewelry is slightly yellowish with time, when the rhodium wears layer. Supposedly can go pretty fast. His alternative would be just palladium, wherein the material is slightly darker than white gold and a rhodium layer has. If worn, the rings would be a little darker. Have you stood in front of such a decision and how did you decide? You may have experience as it is with the wear layer of rhodium? I can well imagine that actually not quite right, that would be really annoying ...