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Astra Resources Mining

Astra Resources has secured the first of four trading licenses covering the main iron ore producing regions in Orissa. The licences allow Astra to trade and transport self-mined and third party mined iron ore to Paradip Port for export from the company’s storage and shipping site.

Astra’s CEO Dr Jaydeep Biswas says securing this licence, which covers the Koira District, in the city of Suhdargarh, to Paradip Port, is a major milestone for Astra. “Astra can begin trading iron ore from third parties into the international market while further developing our own mining operations for domestic use and export.

“We are in the process of securing the remaining three licences which will enable Astra to transform its land at Paradip Port into a major iron ore export hub. The remaining three licences are in the districts of Jajpur, Sundergarh and Keonjhar.”

Although Orissa has a long coastline of 480km, Paradip is the major all-weather port, with expansion plans only enhancing the accessibility of the port to internal and external exports. Paradip has its own railway system and is connected to East Coast Railways and various other highways, enabling iron ore to be transferred to the port for storage and export with ease.