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Profit From Mining Commodities

Mega Capital Indonesia (MCI) in Commodity Outlook disclosed that mining commodities show a rising graphic. Coal, for instance, booked a 39% increase in price in 2010 and the price of the commodity is predicted to increase by 16% to US$115 per metric ton in 2011 from US$98.97 per metric ton previously. 

This year, the company targets income to increase by 63% to US$2.9 trillion from the income in 2010. In the meantime, the net profit is predicted to increase by 88% to US$155.8 billion.

In the meantime, the performance of PT. Hexindo Adi Perkasa, Tbk (HEXA) at the stock exchange remains below the expectations because the distributor of Hitachi and John Deere brands are affected by Tsunami hitting Japan some time ago. However, the recovery of factory in Japan makes the corporate management optimistic that the company may reach the maximal outcome up to late 2011.

Even the company has secured heavy equipment sales contracts worth US$200 million from coal mining companies. The contracts are effective for the fiscal year of April 2011 – March 2012. The company obtains order to supply around 100 units of heavy equipment with the selling price around US$2 million per unit. This year, the sales are expected to increase by 30% t0 3,000 units.

In line with the rising sales, the corporate income is predicted to reach US$500 – US$600 million with the net profit around US$ 50 million. The company has not revised the selling target this year because recovery in Japan is faster than the prediction.