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Copper Issue 2011-2012

Copper Issue 2011-2012, ICSG predicts that global smooth copper production would increase by 380,000 tons this year from 2010 when the deficit was 250,000 tons. The rising production is driven by the high price of copper and growing demand from end-users. It is also driven by the demand from industry, which continues to grow in 2011.

At the event attended by copper producers and users, the production of copper is expected to grow six percent in 2011, compared to 4.3% in 2010.

However, the forum is also realistic so that the target of the production is revised again in view of global uncertainties. ICSG observes factors so that the target needs revision. Among them are earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, political uncertainties in the Middle East and Africa, changes in financial policies and uncertain copper market dominated by China.