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Generation Au | Gold

Generation Au/Gold today a lot of gold trader have little faith in equities and, unlike older investors, are more inclined to consider alternative investments. Others seek tangible, hard assets as a counterweight to stocks, bonds and cash in the aftermath of the 2008 U.S. financial crisis. It was only a matter of time,” said Divnain Malik, head of retail sales at Gold Bullion International, a seller of physical gold in NY U.S.. While around half of his clients are baby boomers and more established gold investors, the “younger demographic seems to be catching on.”

Indeed, the 25-to-35 year-old age bracket is the firm’s fastest growing segment of buyers, he said. Over the past two months, about half of the hundreds of new accounts opened at his firm were from people in their 20s and 30s, he noted, adding that younger investors are increasingly sophisticated, do not want to repeat others’ mistakes, and are protective of their investments.