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Platinum and Palladium

Platinum and palladium is currently providing a very large profit margin gains on the trade,when gold prices continues to rally and silver prices to hover, prices platinum and palladium are also make gains well. Platinum appears to be chasing gold, gaining $18 today while palladium gained $15, to trade at $661. The platinum group metals are obviously affected more by the strength of the industrial sector but they also obey the laws of supply and demand and these are definitely working in their favor at the moment. Demand for palladium, for example, is expected to rise by almost 6% each year for the rest of the decade while supplies look to be threatened by 2015, if not sooner.

"There is growing investment interest in the industrial metals," says Bill Hionas, CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami. "They do not react in the same way as gold, since their dependence on industrial demand makes them subject to the ups and downs of the economy. However, we have seen increases in car sales recently, particularly from the emerging economies of Asia and this has been reflected in increased demand for platinum and palladium."