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Platinum mining locations

Platinum mining location 78% in South Africa and the big platinum mining location in Kroondal is located 120 km north-west of Johannesburg in South Africa, on the western limb of the Bushveld Complex.South Africa produces more platinum and similar metals than any other nation.In 2005, 78% of the world's platinum was produced in South Africa, along with 39% of the world's palladium. Over 163,000 kilograms (5,200,000 ozt) of platinum were produced in 2005, generating export revenues of $3.82 billion USD.

Platinum mining industry is capital intensive. Companies need large amounts of money to build production facilities and long-term survival requires heavy expenditures in order to finance exploration and production. Processing of the ore through milling, flotation and smelting to form a matte that contains the PGM is normally undertaken at the mines. Further refining may take place in refineries on the mine property or in other countries.