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Scrap Gold | Value Scrap Gold

Scrap gold is still a high value gold,what is scrap gold?Scrap Gold is the term given for the process of recycle broken old jewellery, coins and other items that are no longer wanted..this is term "Scrap Gold". Recycling gold has become a large industry, driven by the surge in the price of gold and the current global economic climate. Selling gold jewellery has enabled people to liquidate their assets into cash, a more usable currency in modern life.If we have any scrap gold, we can sell it, but for how much? Gold prices tend to rise when the economy is flat or when there are worries about war or inflation.

What about karat of gold.This is a simple formula can we use to estimate karat gold :  
  • 9 K/karat gold is 9/24 = 0.375; 37.5% pure gold  
  • 10 K/karat gold is 10/24= 0.417; 41.7% pure gold
  • 12 K/karat gold is 12/24= 0.500; 50% pure gold  
  • 14 K/karat gold is 14/24= 0.583; 58.3% pure gold
  • 18 K/karat gold is 18/24= 0.750; 75% pure gold  
  • 22 K/karat gold is 22/24= 0.917; 91.7% pure gold
  • 24 K/karat gold is 24/24= 1.00; 100% pure gold  
Scrap gold into its various karat fineness (namely, 10K, 14K or 18k). You may need a magnifying glass to see the number inscribed on the piece. If not, you may need to have the gold tested by a reputable dealer. There's also the possibility that some of the gold is actually just gold-plated, which a dealer would determine with certainty by using a chemical test.