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Britcoin to making a chiefly British cryptocurrency

BritCoin is completely in the hands of the users, the British public. There is no ‘owner’ of the BritCoin, being peer-to-peer means that there are no central banks or private companies in control of the currency. Similar to the Internet, anyone with access is part of the network. A public ledger, known as a ‘blockchain’, is used for keeping records of individual wallet balances and transactions, which is maintained and updated by each individual wallet running on the BritCoin network. Think of the BritCoin wallet as a personal digital bank account of which you have full control over.

All coins held in your wallet will give you 5% annual interest though our PoS (Proof-of-Stake) system which means newly minted coins are distibuted fairly, not controlled by small groups of mining farms as is the case with Bitcoin.

    Technical Specs

  • - 20 Million total coin supply
  • - X13 Algorithm
  • - 60 second block time
  • - 5% Annual Interest on Staked coins
  • - 12 hours min stake age
  • - No IPO
  • - 110 Block confirmations to maturity (for mined blocks)
  • - 1000 Coins per block
  • - Ports: Main=9197, RPC=9198